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Two Common Myths about the Bible

There are two popular myths about the Bible that prevent a lot of people from reading and studying it.

The Bible is too hard

Some people have the nation that the Bible is too difficult to understand unless you are a degree-holding theologian with years of training. They might say, “Every time I try to read the Bible, I don’t understand it.” Maybe they’re hoping to hear, “Yeah, you need to take classes at a seminary if you want to study the Bible.”

But God hasn’t chosen some obscure and difficult means of having His revelation recorded for generations. The revelation found in the Bible was given to and written down by ordinary people, not some small group of elite scholars who are the only ones who can understand it. If you can read a blog post, you can read and understand the message of the Bible.

The Bible is too boring

Some people can understand what they’re reading, but it doesn’t excite or interest them. For whatever reason, the content of the Bible just doesn’t meet their reading preferences.

But the Bible is full of all sorts of characters who portray the whole range of human emotion, and who go through all types of the human experience. Their lives are dramatic. There is hate, love, anger, joy, fear, courage, death, life, revenge, forgiveness. There are words of wisdom and wit, of regret and rebuke, of contrition and comfort. The Bible contains more than just the story of God: it contains the story of humanity.