Symbol Guide

Our Bible study guides will have questions that match up with these ways of loving God and the senses of Scripture. Each question is preceded by a little picture to identify its particular focus, but remember that we are challenged to love God with our whole being, so don’t feel limited by the category when answering the questions.

?  The icon of a talking head indicates a “mind” or “literal sense” question. These questions usually make sure we understand what we are reading and what beliefs are expressed by the passage.

?   The icon of a dove indicates a “soul” or “allegorical sense” question. These ask you to find Christ and the plan of salvation hidden in the words or actions or persons.

?  The icon of a flexing arm indicates a “strength” or “moral sense” question. These will challenge you to relate the Scriptures to the choices we make as Christians, and to the way God desires us to live as witnesses to His Son, and as His children.

❤️  The icon of a heart indicates a “heart” or “anagogical sense” question. These are often more personal, and lead you to consider your life of prayer and eternal significance of the passage.

In addition to study questions, the guide begins with helpful prefaces for the readings, to lay a foundation and hopefully answer some questions you might not know you needed to ask. These are also marked with icons.

?  The closed book icon is for literary information: What is this book of the Bible? What kind of book is it? Who was its author? When and where does it take place?

?   The open book icon is for contextual information: What is the context of the passage we’re going to read? Are there other Scripture passages that relate to this reading? What are some important words or phrases?

?  The globe icon is for geographical information: Where is this passage set? What nations or places does it make reference to?

?  The person icon is for biographical information: Who are the primary persons in this passage? Where are they from? What do they do?